What You Need to Know before Enrolling for Web Design Training

Graduation Photograph of Web Designers in Lagos - Nigeria
Graduation Photograph of Web Designers in Lagos - Nigeria

Graduation Photograph of Web Designers in Lagos – Nigeria

Web design is so fascinating and interesting career. Web designers do creative things that when you see them; you marvel how they did it. Before I enrolled for web design training, I don’t know anything about web design but I became fascinated how internet works when I was working with my boss and I was saddled with responsibility of checking and replying all his emails.

Today, I have gathered much experience as a web designer who has trained so many people on how to design website in Nigeria. I discovered that so many students of web design give up few years if not months after learning how to design website. Now why is it that after spending money and time to learn how to design website, so many of them give up? The answer is not farfetched and that is what I am going to share with you.

There was an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) that engaged me to be facilitating web design class and we moved from one church to another training people who registered to partake in the training. There were about six classes – computer appreciation, computer engineering, beads & hats, production & decoration, catering and web design. The training was actually free so everybody was eager to partake but I discovered that after the training, very few of them got started as web designer.

Successful web designer/developer must be passionate about web design

If you must succeed as a web designer/developer, you must be passionate about your job. You must bear in mind that money will not start rolling in millions immediately. The earlier you have this truth at the back of your mind, the better your chances of surviving the crisis time. Some people give up when there is no client coming in to say I need a website. After your training as a web designer, you are not yet perfect enough to handle big jobs and anyone you approach will like to see the website you have designed for others. To survive this period, you need to these:

1). Include other things in your service list:

To survive this period, you must be versatile in computer technology. Before I enrolled to learn how to create website, I don’t know how to use other office applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point and other graphic packages like Corel Draw, Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, etc. But immediately after the first phase of my web design training, it became clear to me that I need to go back and learn all the Office Application packages. This helped me a lot; not only as a webmaster but I added them as the services I render at the early stage of my web design career.

Imagine if you can train other people on how to use these packages, I am very sure that you will never go out of business. I started training people on these packages when web design job was not coming. I have a printer and I was also typing and printing documents, scanning and sending email for people.

2). Collaborate with another web designer who is more experienced

After training, collaborate with your teacher or another web designer who is more experienced than you. By so doing, you will also gather enough experience to stand on your own. There are some things you cannot learn as a web design student but your boss will show you when you are working with him. The truth is that your web design teacher will not teach you everything at the time of your training. When you start to work with him, on the process of coaching you to accomplish one task, you will learn more things. Apart from the coaching, you can also learn more things while designing as the say that practice makes perfect.

3). Work with established web design company at least for 2 years

Working with a web design company in Nigeria might be demoralizing because they will engage you about 10 hours and pay you peanut. The benefit of working with established Web Design Company is that you gather more experience that will help you to stand firm when you finally launch your own web design company.

In conclusion, web design is not an easy career but it is so fascinating and you can only succeed if you are passionate about it. I can sit down with my computer from morning till night and I will not get tired. In order words, I love the job. So whether money is coming or not, I will never give up. But definitely, money must come as you are doing something. It is good to be focused; one of my students once told me, “I cannot not be web designer and graphic designer at the same time”. That is very correct but at initial stage, you can diversify to other things so that you will not go out of job.

AUTHOR: Stanislaus Okwor

Stanislaus Okwor is a passionate web designer/developer, blogger based in Lagos - Nigeria.

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