The Top Problems Wi-fi Users Encounter (And How to Solve Them!)

wifi routersOver the years, technology has boomed, and wi-fi is something found in nearly every modern home. Most of us still remember those days of dial-up Internet, which means this integration of technology that’s so common, and necessary isn’t all that old and advanced extremely quickly. Now, it’s incredible just what science has learned and can do electronically, but even the most simple of processes have issues at times.

For those families who are dealing with some struggles with their wi-fi at home, we’ve identified and explained the most common problems people find with their wifi providers. Things vary depending on who you go through for your internet, and a quick call to your providers about any issues you’re having should be enough to find the problem and solve it.

Slow or inconsistent connection.

This complaint is the biggest that users seem to have about their wi-fi connection. A few easy ways to fix this problem is by moving closer to your router, getting an extender, or upgrading your plan to something faster and more efficient. It may be due to your location, too. There are places with lots of trees outside of more populated areas.

Keep in mind that putting other electronic devices around your router may cause interference. Set your router high up and out of the way where electronic frequencies won’t affect the strength of the wi-fi. Another way that your connection speed may be interrupted is if there iare too many devices connected. Always turn off and disconnect inactive devices, and check in with the other members of your household. If a lot of people are downloading, the speeds will slow.

This statement rings true for the time of day you’re trying to access the Internet, too. Peak times will cause a slower speed because of a number of users.

Lack of connection.

One of the most frustrating things in life is to lose your internet connection, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. Several different things could come into play, if you find yourself suddenly disconnected, from simple to complicated fixes.

wifi externerChecking to ensure there is power going to your router is the first thing you should check. The lights on the box will show what is getting power. Restarting the router, running a troubleshoot program to find the cause for your lack of connection, and calling your service provider are the simplest, most effective ways to restore a connection to your devices.

If you suffer from frequent outages, it may be time to start looking for new equipment or a different Internet service provider.

When all else fails, and you’re getting a connection on other devices besides your computer, check for any viruses, suspicious programs, or spyware that could be affecting your device. A problem on your PC itself could be the villain here, so make sure you check everything out before giving a call to your provider.


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