How Internet of Things Will Look After Growing Up?


InternetInternet is one popular technology that has made the world a global village. People as far apart are able to communicate with one another through the things that the Internet offers such as social media, email and use of telegram. Internet is both a revolution and an evolution because there is both introduction of new things and the improvement of the available. Internet of things is a group of words used to describe the development of the networked to things to a level where they can communicate effectively with each other that is expected. Most of us thing that the Internet has reached its optimum development level but the fact is it looks like it is forever dynamic. Therefore, we should always expect an improvement and not stagnation. Below is how Internet of things will look after growing up;

Level of Development

Internet of things involves all the things that are connected to the Internet. While most people may be enjoying the benefits of Internet, one of the limitation factors is low battery life. Science behind it is not very clear but you might have noticed that accessing Internet using your network device consumes a lot of power which is a disadvantage those people that are not within reach of continuous power supply and travelers. One of the developments that most people anticipate after Internet of things grows up is the invention of batteries that have longer battery life. This will increase the number of the IP-based devices causing the makers of things to give direct access APIs to the devices on their network for any trusted IP- dependent device. This will eliminate the use of cloud for access to device making communication between the devices more effective.


Portable devices are very common in today’s world but the upcoming technology will be advocating wearable technology. Drones are devices that are worn majorly on the hands. They are able to record audio enabling capturing of the memorable moments of an individual. It can also help to record videos of the crime scenes making the work of the detectives simpler.

Voice control is the greatest development that we expect. Currently Google search engine allows an individual to search by voice. This is a clear indication that we are heading to that direction. I can’t wait to be commanding devices using my own voice rather than pressing buttons. This will enable those people who are disabled on the hand side to be able to use the Internet with less assistance.

Video Features

If you are keen enough you must have realized that technology is paying much attention on the common sense of a human. Sight being one of the common sense hologram technologies is on the way to popularity. Hologram provides an opportunity for people to interact with the image of the actual person. It is like an improvement of video conferencing or a video call. Currently Skype software is what enables to communicate while they see each other on the screens of the connected devices. You must have realized that Facebook also allows video call. Most people have seen the use of hologram in the science fiction movies but after Internet of things grows up this new technology will be a reality.

Security Features

With the introduction of the new technology privacy will become an issue demanding for more policies to cater for it. The consumers of the Internet of things devices need to be protected so that they do not shy from the new technology.

With the introduction of the new Internet of things devices there will be malicious people who will create fake devices. This calls for certification of the devices to win the trust and confidence of the customers. Therefore, we expect a perfect schema the device makers to certify their devices on a way that cannot be forged easily. All the technology will be seeking is trust from the users so that it can be forever moving forward rather than stagnating at one point. One thing Internet of things development is like evolution hence you should not expect the introduction of totally new things.


Technology is what the world depends on and is making people grow lazier. In the near future people will be too dependent on the technology. Despite that negativity the technology makes work easier and saves on more time required for investment. People in the world are working on big investment and for any company to be successful there has to be maximum communication between the partners. Internet provides that ability conveniently despite any natural disasters. The more technology grows is the more technological problems Therefore, improvement is what should be expected as Internet of things grow. The above improvements are what we should anticipate.

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