Automotive brands and their logos

Cars have flooded our cities. Some brands are very famous and easily recognizable on the emblem, and some, due to high cost, are rare. Modern automotive brands have their own icons, and necessarily with their, sometimes, profound history. It is becoming increasingly difficult to create a truly unique and interesting design for the automotive brand. Consider the history of the origin of different brands of cars and their emblems. Let’s start with those cars that are found on the roads more often than others.

BMW logo

Many automotive brands are on the ears thanks to the quality and chic of the lineup. One of them is the German concern BMW. The history of this brand began with the production of aviation engines. Initially, the logo of the company depicted a propeller, however, very stylized. The circle from the propeller was divided into 4 quarters, two sectors were executed in heavenly-blue color, two more – silvery-white. These color solutions correspond to the colors of the Bavarian flag. The logo was simple, but well remembered, and has not changed much to this day.


Chevrolet logo

Many automotive brands have strange logos whose origins are hard to understand. “Butterfly Tie” is a Chevrolet badge. The idea of using it as an emblem for cars originated at Paris hotel by Louis Chevrolet when he saw a similar pattern on the wallpapers. His wife claims that the logo appeared after Louis had seen a similar advertisement in the newspaper.

Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi logos

As we have already said, many automotive brands have a rich history. The logo of the popular Toyota car appeared on the results of the competition, which announced the founder of the automotive brand, Kiichiro Toyoda. The winning logo represented letters Katakana in such a design that could pass the speed of the car. The emblem itself was created in 1989. Toyota cars are easily recognizable on three ovals, two of which are perpendicular.

It is noteworthy that this logo – not just a set of elements, it is a whole philosophy that is generally characteristic of Japan. For example, ovals in the center speak of strong relationships between customers and the company itself. Space carries the idea of global brand promotion in the world and its enormous potential. Now the icon of Toyota has a bulky design. So you can safely say that the Japanese know the meaning of the logos and their philosophy and sacred sense.

World automotive brands from Japan pay much attention to every detail, including the logo. As we have already said, for them it is not just a symbol, but a whole philosophy. The name Subaru refers to the Japanese name of the cell of stars in the constellation of the Ring. And these six stars on the emblem are the six Japanese companies that merged into a single Subaru concert. The name Mitsubishi also has a hidden meaning, as in the translation from the Japanese word means water chestnut – diamond-like diamond. And in the official translation of Mitsubishi – these are three diamonds.


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