Advantages of Email Verification

Advantages of Email Verification

A number of people are of the opinion that bulk email verification is a dicey thing to dabble into; however, that is not the case. It is a process that assists in upgrading whatever marketing campaigns you already have in place, as opposed to the conventional bulk email verification. It does not require any particular technical know-how, but if not done properly, you can miss the chance to generate more revenue for your business. To verify bulk emails, a system has been put in place to make the job easy and fast. A bulk email list verification software uploads and clean emails as against you having to verify your emails manually.

Top 6 Benefits of Email Verification

Email verification plays a huge part in running and maintaining a successful & profitable business. In the world over today, a significant percentage of individuals as well as corporate entities communicate through the use of email to drive their business. For one, it provides you with a medium of communication with existing and prospective clients, especially seeing as direct communication with clients is on the rise. Outlined below are some of the other top benefits that you stand to gain from email verification.

  1. Personalization

Email verification makes it possible to personalize marketing campaigns to clients and customers. Customers want to feel like you know them, which can help to build stronger business ties. It can also provide prospective clients with a sense of familiarity which can drive them to take action. Email verification also allows you to personalize profiles of your clients by means of crested names for instance, or design and branded logo on business paraphernalia such as cars, bags, and many more. All of these can encourage prospective clients as well as old customers to take a chance with your brand, seeing as these days, everyone seems to be wary of hacks & scams that are perpetuated by emails. Personalizing emails to suit particular clients/customers can also give them reasons to not just open your email, but the move to carry out business with your brand.

  1. Seclusion from Spam or Dangerous Emails

Not only does email list verify help to ensure email verification, it also helps clients and customers save time & money by helping them separate dangerous or spammed emails from important ones. Clients have lost some important emails, including those for marketing campaigns, simply because the emails were delivered together. However, with email verification, you can rest assured knowing that your marketing campaigns will be delivered straight to the inbox of your client, and also be secluded from spammed or dangerous emails. The email verification will also help you enhance the quality of their data as well as the prefix of email addresses.

  1. Campaign Building

Email campaigns can be quite tasking and to determine where to begin can be frustrating. You begin to battle with questions of how best to interact with your users, styling & construction of individual messages so appeal to their exact wants or demographic, and even the sale ability of your product. All of these can become irritating and quite bothersome to your client, which is why with bulk email verification, you can find a way around all of these to ensure that your client is not irritated by your unsolicited emails, which can cause your brand as a whole to get flagged. When this happens, not only do your mails not reach the client, you would have also lost a prospect in return.

  1. Customer Engagement Maximization

Certain aspects of your email list verify campaign can aid your deliverability as well as sender score. When there is an increase in any of these variables, it leads to a proportional increase in clicks to your campaign. Important data such as demographic information which come along with email list verify helps you to build a well-managed campaign, which is optimized to draw the attention of prospective clients. When adequately utilized, it can also provide your customers with information about your brand, in these days where emotional connections can greatly impact the positioning of your brand.

  1. Sender Reputation Protection

Another feature which comes with email deliverability is the sender reputation, which is typically determined by spam complaints, bounces, spam traps as well as subscriber level engagement. However, it is important that the email list is updated regularly in order to uphold a positive sender reputation.

  1. Delivery Issues Aversion

To ensure that you get the most out of email verification, it is important to take proactive measures to your email list. This will help to prevent you from getting spammed incessant bots when you send emails to your clients, which can be quite infuriating. Regular email list verify can help thwart this particular issue, and nip it in the bud.

  1. You Don’t Need to be a pro

Bulk email verification process is straight forward. There are no complicated procedures to follow. All you need is just to upload your email list, the system does the work and the result? A verified email list.

These are only some of the benefits that you stand to gain from email verification. I will suggest that you open an account and run a test. Verifying many emails at a go, if you have a huge database, will be beneficial to your business as it will help you get to your customers easily. To be certain that your email list has been verified, it is advised that on use multiple opt-in process and not just accepting the word of a company whose aim is to profit from people’s email addresses. It is advised that you build your company email list rather than buying bulk email list that contain addresses of individual whom may have never heard of your company and what you do. There are a host of other benefits which can prove to be beneficial to you and your brand, and venturing into it or supporting your other marketing campaigns with it can be quite worthwhile.

AUTHOR: Stanislaus Okwor

Stanislaus Okwor is a passionate web designer/developer, blogger based in Lagos - Nigeria.

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